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The Beauty of CSS

From a marketing standpoint the way a web-surfer feels when they view your web pages can be just as important as the functionality of your web site; the goal being turning surfers into clients. A web site can be extremely functional and informative and easily overlooked. In this way colors, pictures and an intuitive layout all play a part in how long a surfer stays with your web site. In the age of instant macaroni and the drive-thru window patience is no longer a virtue. The first second a person spends with your web site is crucial. After all your presence on the web is a reflection of your presence as a business.

My templates are designed with a combination of CSS and HTML.

CSS is the web standard for designing web sites. As a very simple programming language it has come a long way since its inception in 1994. The purpose of CSS is to have the utmost control over the look and feel of a web site without the bulk, browser incompatability and holes in functionality of styling in html. The idea of CSS is to control the look of your web site from a file separate from your web pages. The advantage of this is to have all the style and dynamic content you want on your web pages and remain standards compliant and search engine optimized with less code.

In short, a lot less code, simpler design and all the aesthetic control you need.

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  1. Totally agreed! It’s very nice to read your point of view – so many people only make websites appealing without taking care of functionality and seo, while others do the exact opposite! It’s the balance that makes everything worth it, and it’s very important to try and optimize websites both for style and functionality. And of course, CSS is a very good ally 🙂
    Nice post, short and sweet but to the point! Props!

The Beauty of CSS

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