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How ternstyle does business

We believe the way we treat our clients is what keeps them coming back.

We have yet to walk into a meeting and have a prospective client ask for a quote for a service we were unable to provide. However, we never walk into a meeting assuming that we are the right solution for our prospective clients. There is a lot that comprises an effective working relationship and we have found the ability to provide a service is not necessarily the defining factor. We will most likely be able to provide for you the services you need. After that it comes down to how we work together and often if we like each other.

To give you an idea of who we are in terms of business here are a few principles by which we operate:

It is important to educate our clients.

You should never feel in the dark. Often in our industry, vendors increase profit margins by leveraging a client’s lack of knowledge. This is NOT how we operate. We believe maintaining you as a client is a better way to increase profit. The way we aim to retain you is to empower you. It’s our feeling the knowledge we pass on will be appreciated and you’ll continue to do business with us.

It is important to develop a lexicon.

For effective communication between us, it’s helpful if a set of terms for development and training are agreed upon. We don’t argue over semantics or proper terms. Whatever works for you we’ll use. Don’t have a preference? Then we have suggestions. We’re happy to educate you on any industry terms you’re curious about.

Patience is key.

As web guys we may see the whole web experience differently than you do. We live and breathe it. It’s what we do. At times, you may have questions about something that for us already feels intuitive. A client should feel safe asking questions and even asking the same question multiple times. This is all part of the process. No biggie.

Giving the most for what is offered is greatness.

It seems the corporate standard for operation is low overhead for great return. We try not to operate in this way. It is our goal to offer the most we can for the money our clients spend.

When a company places more emphasis on the sales process than the integrity of its product it is no longer a business but a predator who consumes its consumers.
~ Matthew Praetzel

How ternstyle does business

We believe the way we treat our clients is what keeps them coming back.

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