Import from any Vimeo® Channel, Category, Tag, or Search with the WordPress® Automatic Vimeo Video Posts Plugin

The easiest WordPress™ and Vimeo® integration available

It’s as simple as adding your channels, categories, tags, or searches and the plugin does the rest. Your videos will be automatically imported and embedded in your posts; thumbnails and all!

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Stop manually adding videos to your blog and wasting your time!

Let us take care of your videos for you.

The Automatic Vimeo Video Posts Plugin with very little configuration allows you to automatically import videos into your blog. Check out the features below.

Import automatically on a set schedule

Import from channels, categories, tags, and searches

Display important video information

Automatically embeds videos in posts

Publish as any custom post types per channel/playlist

Display videos in post lists

Responsive videos that maintain aspect ratio

Automatically displays video thumbnails

Publish videos to categories on a per channel basis

Automatically publish or draft posts

Import videos on-the-fly with one click

Make Any Post a Video Post

Compatible with the following technologies:

Requires: WordPress ™ 3.3+

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