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We're really good at this

Ternstyle has been developing web-based applications since 2006. It's been a while. We're practiced.


Ituitive interfaces

Any web application is only as good as its usability. We specialize in the merger of optimization both programmatically and interactively. In other words, the application will work smoothly and you'll be able to use it with ease. Fewer clicks. Better instructions. Easy to parse visually.

The best part of what we do though is, we talk to you. We'll give ideas. You'll give ideas. It's through that collaboration you'll end up with a killer product.


Rapid delivery

We're straight shooters. That said, if the money is right? We work fast. We've been at this for a while and we can't tell you how many times we've heard, "I need this yesterday!" We get it. We're used to it. We deliver.

We've developed a whole lot of stuff

We won't bore you will all the details but we can give you some highlights. You're probably already aware we've developed a string of WordPress plugins. We develop themes too. We even had our own content management system for a while (very familiar with the ins and outs in that department). Calendars, carts & e-commerce solutions, widgets, object-oriented classes, some of our team have been involved in full-fledged high-end contest application development, lots of microsite functionality.

We also offer consultation. We're idea people. Let us help you mold your idea into something better. Not that is isn't great already. ;)

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Let us develop your next big idea

We won't put the ternstyle name on something we don't believe in.


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We dig the back-and-forth.

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