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WordPress ™ Event Page Plugin Settings

Before using the Event Page Plugin you have to change some of the default settings.

Changing your settings

To change your settings please:

  • Log into WordPress ™
  • Open the “Event Page” tab (which is located at the bottom of the vertical navigation on the left of your WordPress ™ administration panel.
  • Click on the “Settings” option in the “Event Page” tab.

Settings Options

You have five options available to you on this page.

  • URL for event page – This option is necessary for searching and paging through events. This URL should be the link to your events page, i.e. http://blog.ternstyle.us/events
  • I.D. of the category your events are filed under – This option is necessary for searching and paging through events.
  • Number of viewable events per page – This option determines how many events will be displayed initially when viewing the event page or when using the pagination to page through your catalogue of events.
  • Sort order – This option sets whether your events should be displayed in ascending or descending order when viewing the event list. To put the next upcoming event first select “Ascending”.
  • Search engine friendly pagination – If selected this option will set up your URLs like so:http://blog.ternstyle.us/events/2/. Otherwise it will set them up like so:http://blog.ternstyle.us/events/page=2. Both examples will show the second page of events.

ternstyle > Products > Plugins > WordPress ™ Plugins > WordPress ™ Event Page Plugin > WordPress ™ Event Page Plugin Settings

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