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Form Data Processing PHP Class

Form Data Processing PHP Class

This class is best used when preparing HTML form post or get data for a database. This class allows you to quickly compile received data into an array according to your specifications. Once you have an array you are able to easily create MySQL INSERT or UPDATE statements.

Download Version: 2.7

Sample Code

$post = new parseForm('post',array('id'));
$query = $p->updateQuery('table_name','id='.$_POST["id"]);

The above variable $query will be equal to something like:

UPDATE table_name SET keys='values' WHERE id=id

Current Version

The current version of this software is 2.7.


  • Choose which global array to choose from ($_POST or $_GET)
  • Exclude posted data from master array by name
  • Exclude posted data from master array by regular expression
  • Add custom values to master array
  • Combine posted values to create one value
  • Merge posted data by regular expression
  • Compile MySQL INSERT and UPDATE statements from master array


  • PHP 4


Form Data Processing PHP Class

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