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The Brew Works

What to say about the Brew Works? The Brew Works has personality. With 3 locations in the Lehigh Valley (1 in Bethlehem and 2 in Allentown) this brew pub has our night life, day life and every in between life covered. However, their website did not reflect this personality. It was a scattered mess of themeless widgets, icons, 3rd party plugins and frames of text all piled on in an effort to keep their 20,000+ visitors a month informed. The site was hard to navigate and lacked form. Until now.

The question ternstyle posed was, “How do we display the right information, quickly, and still create an aesthetic that truly captures what the Brew Works is all about?” We started with design. Our concept was to take one of the most defining aspects of what made the Brew Works “the Brew Works” and put it right out front. What was that defining attribute you ask? The beer. Employing the photographic talents of Marty Desilets we set up the bar as the stage for the site.

From there it was time to decide what elements of the site were most important and after prioritizing form the homepage and navigational elements. There are so many corners of the Brew Works site especially given the nature of the 3 locations with their respective events and varying capabilities in service to their clientele. It became clear that we needed large deep super drop down menus and smart sidebars which offered navigation based on where you were on the site. Aside from menus and “what’s on tap” the most sought out information on the site is events. So we put them front and center on the homepage. Using ternstyle’s premium WordPress plugin “ternCal” all the Brew Works’ repeating events are stored and delivered in multiple ways throughout the site; including featured events, a sidebar widget, a full filterable event page by location, and a month-at-a-glance agenda view.

The Brew Works also has a ton of facebook fans. this is now featured on the website with facebook’s fan box. We’re also employing Facebook’s deprecated but powerful share button on all pages to allow users of the site to easily share pages on their Facebook walls with all of their friends.

There is much more than we could talk about here; ternstyle’s Posts in Google Maps plugin to display locations in a Google map, custom brew templates, inline contact form, advanced search functionality, easy video integration, Disqus commenting system, inline photo galleries with lightbox technology, the Twitter feed and quite a bit more.

Much thanks to the Brew Works for choosing ternstyle to design, render and program their site.

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