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Starke Millwork


Design and deploy a highly optimized, super custom WooCommerce store. Starke Millwork is one of the premiere sellers of custom molding products in the country. With their vast library of proprietary molding profiles, their catalogue is of the most robust in the business. Starke’s store online presence needed to match this level of specificity and customizability in kind. One of the things that really makes this project special is the complete overhaul of the WooCommerce pricing and purchasing engine. Starke’s pricing formula is extremely detailed and top secret! Considering the institution of Starke’s pricing model, the complete recreation of WooCommerce’s storefront and product search, and a plethora of usability customizations, we really brought WooCommerce into complete submission.

Additionally, Starke’s website before Ternstyle was completely unoptimized. The WordPress theme chosen scored a whopping ZERO (out of 100) in Google’s Page Speed Report. This had a huge negative impact on Starke’s SEO. We were able to raise Starke’s Google Page Speed score dramatically using our proprietary theme. In fact, when analyzing pages with little to no images (images can slow down page load times) we score a 96 out of 100 on desktop.

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