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Sanders Brand Solutions


Sanders Brand Solutions had all the right pieces to properly present itself on the web, save a web designer/programmer to integrate the proper tools and design to do so. Our objective was to take the Sanders vision and turn it into a website with emphasis on learning about brand solutions and at every turn allowing users to reach out to the Sanders team.


As with most websites the first step before writing copy or creating a layout is determining who you wish to reach and who you’re able to reach. In close work with the Sanders team we were able to design an engaging approach to the site’s homepage. With a question based slider on the homepage users can easily identify the areas of the website that relate to their specific needs. Good clear funnel processes do the same by funneling users into channels that further educate them about their brand management and development needs.

On every page of the website there are calls to action. In the header the phone number is always present. Also, the sidebar continues to draw people in with targeted questions, a “Have Questions?” form that opens directly on the page the user is viewing, and also a contact us button. These items compliment the site’s goal of educating clients on brand management by allowing users to reach out to the Sanders team at any time throughout the process. Sales being the ultimate goal.

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