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Artfully Elegant

Positioned snugly on Main Street in the Historic District of Downtown Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley, Artfully Elegant is a tasteful and friendly art gallery and jewelry shop. With an array of artwork, photography and both men’s and women’s jewelry, Artfully Elegant appeals to a wide range of tastes and penchants. The store is very clean, well organized and some might say pretty.

The Objective:

Artfully Elegant had an out of date custom E-commerce solution as its store’s web based counter part. The online store was slow, hard to navigate and did not properly reflect the artfulness and elegance attempting to be conveyed. Ternstyle was asked to collaborate on design and the integration of CS Cart (the chosen E-commerce solution).

The Solution:

The first thing that had to be done was to take the wire framing concept put together by the client and web strategy team and turn it into something stylish. The emphasis in terms of design was on something much more artistic and original. Adding a third dimension to the page with the use of shadow effects and push pins in conjunction with fabric like finishes accomplished this goal.

Once the design was in place it was time to integrate that design with CS Cart and write an import script to bring the 1300 products from the custom solution into the CS Cart database. Employing CS Cart’s Smarty template structure, the theme was written in XHTML and CSS. An import script almost seamlessly imported all the products, product images, SKUs, inventory, categorization and more.

CS Cart was then configured to speak with multiple payment gateways and to ensure an easy and intuitive checkout process for customers.

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