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  • turn your website into something stylish

    hatch an idea. let ternstyle clean it up. pat its back. wrap it in a warm blanket of xhtml and css and set it free.

    ternstyle is a web design and web programming firm based in Bethlehem of the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. We specialize in web design (Search Engine Ready and Standards Compliant XHTML, CSS), web application development (PHP, MySQL, Javascript), web hosting, content management systems (both proprietary and Wordpress), website maintenance, search engine readiness, Open source Wordpress Plugins, jQuery Plugins, PHP Classes and web consultation of any kind.

  • target both your users and search engines

    Plan for growth. Design for users and search engines. Implement a full-fledged solution. Reap the benefits.

    With clever design layout techniques and ternstyle's clean standards compliant code we target both your users and search engines. Your users will be visually stimulated when viewing your site and without bombarding them with content we'll ensure a search engine still has all the textual keyword laden content it can gobble up to improve your search engine rankings.

  • WordPress ™ Plugins

    WordPress ™ Plugins

    Compact. Useful. Well Documented and Supported. Downloaded by thousands.

    Wordpress is one of the leading and most widely used open source blogging and content management systems available. ternstyle has written many free open source Wordpress plugins. Read More...
  • PHP classes

    Object Oriented. Fast. Easy to install. Easy to use. Ready right out of the box.

    PHP is widely-used and well suited for web development. PHP is ternstyle's server-side programming language of choice. Read More...
  • jQuery Plugins

    jQuery Plugins

    Purposeful. Compact. Written for the most widely used open source javascript library.

    jQuery is today's most popular free open source javascript library. ternstyle's javascript plugins were written to be used in conjunction with jQuery. Read More...
  • Web Design

    Web Design

    Clean. W3C Standards Compliant. XHTML & CSS. Search Engine Ready.

    Click here to check out our portfolio!

    After 12 years of graphic and web design ternstyle continues to satisfy its client-base. It is paramount that we believe in the designs and products that carry the ternstyle name. Read More...
  • Web Hosting

    Web Hosting

    Dual 2.8GHz Linux Dedicated Server. Apache 2.2.9, PHP 5.2.6, MySQL 5.0.51. Excellent service.

    With an influx of companies working at bringing in voluminous scores of web hosting accounts it is customer service that rises to the top as the industries most valued service. It is customer service that ternstyle provides. Read More...
  • Web Application Development

    Web Application Development

    Custom front-end and back-end web applications designed to suit your specific needs.

    From something as small as managing contact information to updating and maintaining calendar events, web applications can alleviate the headache of mundane tasks and provide all the power needed to keep clients informed with up-to-date content. Read More...

Recent Projects

    • Sanders Brand Solutions

      Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Theme, Wordpress Plugins, Content Management System, Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Social Media, Search Engine Ready


      Sanders Brand Solutions had all the right pieces to properly present itself on the web, save a web designer/programmer to integrate the proper tools and design to do so. Our objective was to take the Sanders vision and turn it into a website with emphasis on learning about brand solutions and at every turn allowing users to reach out to the Sanders team.


      As with most websites the first step before writing copy or creating a layout is determining who you wish to reach and who you're able to reach. In close work with the Sanders team we were able to design an engaging approach to the site's homepage. With a question based slider on the homepage users can easily identify the areas of the website that relate to their specific needs. Good clear funnel processes do the same by funneling users into channels that further educate them about their brand management and development needs. On every page of the website there are calls to action. In the header the phone number is always present. Also, the sidebar continues to draw people in with targeted questions, a "Have Questions?" form that opens directly on the page the user is viewing, and also a contact us button. These items compliment the site's goal of educating clients on brand management by allowing users to reach out to the Sanders team at any time throughout the process. Sales being the ultimate goal.
      Sanders Brand Solutions
    • Artfully Elegant

      Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development, CS Cart, CS Cart Theme, E-Commerce, CS Cart Addons, Content Management System, Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS, Social Media

      Positioned snugly on Main Street in the Historic District of Downtown Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley, Artfully Elegant is a tasteful and friendly art gallery and jewelry shop. With an array of artwork, photography and both men's and women's jewelry, Artfully Elegant appeals to a wide range of tastes and penchants. The store is very clean, well organized and some might say pretty.

      The Objective:

      Artfully Elegant had an out of date custom E-commerce solution as its store's web based counter part. The online store was slow, hard to navigate and did not properly reflect the artfulness and elegance attempting to be conveyed. Ternstyle was asked to collaborate on design and the integration of CS Cart (the chosen E-commerce solution).

      The Solution:

      The first thing that had to be done was to take the wire framing concept put together by the client and web strategy team and turn it into something stylish. The emphasis in terms of design was on something much more artistic and original. Adding a third dimension to the page with the use of shadow effects and push pins in conjunction with fabric like finishes accomplished this goal. Once the design was in place it was time to integrate that design with CS Cart and write an import script to bring the 1300 products from the custom solution into the CS Cart database. Employing CS Cart's Smarty template structure, the theme was written in XHTML and CSS. An import script almost seamlessly imported all the products, product images, SKUs, inventory, categorization and more. CS Cart was then configured to speak with multiple payment gateways and to ensure an easy and intuitive checkout process for customers.
      Artfully Elegant
    • The Brew Works

      Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Theme, Wordpress Plugins, Content Management System, Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Social Media, Search Engine Ready, Events, ternCal Calendaring

      What to say about the Brew Works? The Brew Works has personality. With 3 locations in the Lehigh Valley (1 in Bethlehem and 2 in Allentown) this brew pub has our night life, day life and every in between life covered. However, their website did not reflect this personality. It was a scattered mess of themeless widgets, icons, 3rd party plugins and frames of text all piled on in an effort to keep their 20,000+ visitors a month informed. The site was hard to navigate and lacked form. Until now. The question ternstyle posed was, "How do we display the right information, quickly, and still create an aesthetic that truly captures what the Brew Works is all about?" We started with design. Our concept was to take one of the most defining aspects of what made the Brew Works "the Brew Works" and put it right out front. What was that defining attribute you ask? The beer. Employing the photographic talents of Marty Desilets we set up the bar as the stage for the site. From there it was time to decide what elements of the site were most important and after prioritizing form the homepage and navigational elements. There are so many corners of the Brew Works site especially given the nature of the 3 locations with their respective events and varying capabilities in service to their clientele. It became clear that we needed large deep super drop down menus and smart sidebars which offered navigation based on where you were on the site. Aside from menus and "what's on tap" the most sought out information on the site is events. So we put them front and center on the homepage. Using ternstyle's premium WordPress plugin "ternCal" all the Brew Works' repeating events are stored and delivered in multiple ways throughout the site; including featured events, a sidebar widget, a full filterable event page by location, and a month-at-a-glance agenda view. The Brew Works also has a ton of facebook fans. this is now featured on the website with facebook's fan box. We're also employing Facebook's deprecated but powerful share button on all pages to allow users of the site to easily share pages on their Facebook walls with all of their friends. There is much more than we could talk about here; ternstyle's Posts in Google Maps plugin to display locations in a Google map, custom brew templates, inline contact form, advanced search functionality, easy video integration, Disqus commenting system, inline photo galleries with lightbox technology, the Twitter feed and quite a bit more. Much thanks to the Brew Works for choosing ternstyle to design, render and program their site.
      The Brew Works
    • Saucon Valley Medical Center

      Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Theme, Wordpress Plugins, Content Management System, Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Social Media, Search Engine Ready, Call to Action

      Saucon Valley Medical Center
    • J&J Transportation

      Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Theme, Wordpress Plugins, Content Management System, Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Social Media, Search Engine Ready


      J&J Transportation was in need of a more search engine friendly website. When ternstyle was approached to assess J&J's existing website, the site was lacking in a few key areas. The homepage featured very little content; which means the page a search engine indexes the most offered few keywords by which search engines could index the site. The site also had no location specific content which is imperative for a business that operates locationally.


      The first step in the solution was to redesign the homepage. The implementation of rotating content, a vehicle slider and clearly defined funnel processes for various services J&J provides fills out the page with a plethora of keyword laden content. Secondarily, the content of the site was expanded to include location specific information as well as a blog to allow J&J to continue to expand the site's content.
      J&J Transportation
    • Doors of Bethlehem

      Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Theme, Wordpress Plugins, Content Management System, Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, ternCal, Online Calendar, Google Maps

      The "Doors of Bethlehem" is in essence a contest whereby many of the businesses in downtown Bethlehem compete to win best holiday decorated door. The site initially consisted of a printable map of the doors and a voting form. To better compliment the campaign Ternstyle (in close work with Element Media) was asked to create a fresh look that would allow for easier voting, easier ways to find the physical locations of the doors and most importantly feature images of each door in the campaign (All photography by Marty Desilets.). Ternstyle employed a randomly ordered slider of thumbnails of each door on the homepage to showcase the doors front and center. When clicking through to each door an inline form for voting, contact information for the respective business, commenting by way of the plugin "Disqus" (implemented by Element Media), a large image of the doors which zooms when clicked and an embedded Google map displayed at will all help better tell the story of each business and each door. Ternstyle's "ternCal" - online calendaring plugin was installed to run the campaign's "Holiday Calendar" and lists the events in an agenda view as well as displays the events in an AJAX month-at-a-glance calendar overlay which allows you to page through events by month, week or day without ever leaving the page you're viewing. Ternstyle's "Posts in Google Maps" plugin was installed and customized to allow each door to be showcased as a pinpoint in a universal map. Each point when clicked displays the name of the business associated with the point, the address, a link to view directions to the location through Google and a link to view the page on the campaign's website associated with the door.
      Doors of Bethlehem
    • Sacred Heart Senior Living

      Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Theme, Wordpress Plugins, Content Management System, Graphic Design, Social Media, Facebook, Web Maintenance, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, ternCal, Online Calendar, Search Engine Ready

      Sacred Heart Senior Living, the premier senior living community of the Lehigh Valley, offers supportive services with the intention of enhancing an individual’s life, as well as promoting dignity, independence and wellness. Sacred Heart approached Ternstyle with the goal of enhancing their web presence by combining their multiple domains and services into one intuitive, visually pleasing and functional website. Initially, Sacred Heart was split into multiple domains with no clear funnel processes and an endless loop moving you through the distinctively themed domains. Internal staff had limited tools available to them for managing their sites and in terms of the overall usability, it was difficult for new comers to each site to know what they should do once they arrived. After assessment of the tools in place, a few months of analytics data and an understanding of Sacred Heart's primary goals (namely direct contact from a user either through the site or by phone) Ternstyle devised a homepage layout and subsequent page layout that easily from every corner of the website funneled users to contact information (including an on site contact form) and to information respective to Sacred Heart Senior Living's two locations; Saucon Valley and Northampton. With intuitive multi-tiered navigation that knows where you are on the site and a sidebar that follows you as you browse the site, the primary goals of the site are forefront at all times. Sacred Heart's site is managed using the open source software WordPress which allows administrators to create and manipulate content, add pictures, documents and more. Ternstyle also implemented our proprietary calendaring software ternCal ™ adapted for WordPress. ternCal allows administrators of the website to create events just as they would any other content in WordPress which is stored and viewable in a month-at-a-glance, week-at-a-glance or day-at-a-glance AJAX calendar. The calendar overlays any page being viewed and allows you to move forward and backward in your view to see past or future events. A Facebook fan page was set up and configured as well to further the connectivity of the staff and residents and to further expand the searchability of the organization for prospective customers.
      Sacred Heart Senior Living
    • The Hillside School

      Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Wordpress, Online Donations, Authorize.net, Credit Card Processing, Wordpress Theme, Wordpress Plugins, Content Management System, Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Maintenance, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Search Engine Ready

      The Hillside School offers the opportunity for elementary aged children with learning disabilities and differences to have successful learning experiences by building academic skills that will last a lifetime. Children come to The Hillside School to find a better way to learn. When the Hillside School contacted ternstyle, they had an outdated non-standards compliant website. Their site wasn't on the 960 grid. There were numerous errors in the site's mark-up. The site lacked navigation and imagery and the content management system did not offer the capabilities and ease of use necessary for the teachers and the staff at Hillside to perform the routine site maintenance they required. Ternstyle addressed these needs by first creating a fresh new design. The addition of large images of smiling children in the homepage slider gives the site life and makes it more inviting. The site was also rendered to be used with WordPress in an attempt to allow greater control by Hillside's staff over the website in a more intuitive interface. Funnel processes such as news and events were added to the homepage to make sure users could easily reach the most up-to-date content. Social networking tools were added to the site to promote integration with Hillside's existing networks. Multi-level navigation, employed on every page, allows users to move to the far corners of the site with ease. The Hillside School also wished to accept donations online. Authorize.net was chosen as the online payment gateway. Ternstyle employed Authorize.net's Advanced Integration Method (AIM) to ensure a user would not have to leave Hillside's website to make a payment. An SSL certificate was installed and ternstyle wrote a custom WordPress plugin for administrators to view and search through various transactions made as donations.
      The Hillside School
    • America's Great Outdoors Initiative

      Content Management System, CSS, Custom Software Development, Database Migration, Facebook, Facebook Application, Social Media, Web Development, Web Programming, Wordpress Plugins

      The America’s Great Outdoors Initiative was established by President Obama in April at a White House Conference to develop a 21st Century conservation and recreation agenda and to reconnect Americans, especially children, to nature. In August of 2010 a web based campaign was launched to aid in the collection of comments from people all across the country. The comments are intentioned to let our administration know that Americans overwhelmingly support protecting America's great outdoors. Read More...
      America's Great Outdoors Initiative
    • Nanoprobe Network @ the University of Pennsylvania

      Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Theme, Wordpress Plugins, MediaWiki, Vanilla 2 Forums, Content Management System, Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Maintenance, Database Migration, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Search Engine Ready

      The Nanoprobe Network is a free, non-profit, web-based community for scanning probe microscopy scientists, researchers, educators, and students in industry, academia, and research labs around the world. Nanoprobe's goal is to provide an interactive web space for the exchange of information, ideas, techniques, protocols, images, software, and discussions. Read More...
      Nanoprobe Network @ the University of Pennsylvania
    • SDS Designs

      Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Plugins, Wordpress Theme, Content Management System, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Maintenance, XHTML, CSS, jQuery

      SDS Design Associates is the creator of The Original “AutoGraphics Car Magnets.” In 1991 AutoGraphics Car Magnets were first introduced to Penn State University which soon started a new tradition in college sports – decorating fans’ cars on game day. SDS was in need of a more attractive and youthful way to reach their sports fan based clientele. Read More...
      SDS Designs
    • Mock Turtle Marionette Theater

      Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Plugins, Wordpress Theme, Content Management System, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Social Media, Web Hosting, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Search Engine Ready

      This was a fun one folks. Mock Turtle is a neat little family and child oriented marionette puppet show theatre. All the puppets are hand-crafted by the organization’s owner Doug Roysdon. Doug is an eccentric with an intellect affixed on creativity and an expansive vocabulary. Needless to say the meetings leading up to and during the launch of the site were interesting and entertaining. Read More...
      Mock Turtle Marionette Theater
    • 4th and Done

      Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress, Wordpress Plugins, Wordpress Theme, Content Management System, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Social Media, Web Hosting, XHTML, CSS, jQuery

      4th and Done
    • The Law Offices of Linda S. Luther-Veno

      Web Design, Web Development, Web Maintenance, Graphic Design, Logo Design, XHTML, CSS

      Luther-Veno was a pretty straight forward static site. Their needs were simple. Their intentions were to be informative and answer questions quickly. Most of Luther-Veno's content came from their previous website. The content was to their satisfaction but they wanted a cleaner more modern web 2.0 design with a focus on the services they provide in the style of "frequently asked questions". Read More...
      The Law Offices of Linda S. Luther-Veno
    • Custom Elevators Inc.

      Web Design, Web Development, Custom Content Management System, Graphic Design, Photo Gallery, Search Engine Optimization, XHTML, CSS

      Custom Elevator Manufacturing Co., Inc. (CEI) produces a full line of residential elevators, light commercial elevators, elevator parts and elevator components for distribution and sales through authorized dealers, elevator contractors and OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) throughout the United States and Canada. Read More...
      Custom Elevators Inc.
    • Hanover Township (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)

      Web Design, Web Development, Custom Content Management System, Custom Software Development, Graphic Design, Web Maintenance, Web Hosting, Online Calendar, Online Newsletter, XHTML, CSS

      When Hanover Township came to me their website looked like it was from straight out of the 90's. Their navigation was in no way intuitive and looked like clipart. We needed to begin web development on a new way to reach Hanover's constituents. Read More...
      Hanover Township (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)

From the Blog

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      My name is matthew praetzel. I am located in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania where I currently reside in Bethlehem. I have been in web development for 11 years and have been writing applications since 2002. I am proficient in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

      Email:    matthew@ternstyle.us

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