Front-end Features

Mobile Friendly

The directory, search, sort, paging and controls are all responsive.

Select Search Fields

If you have search enabled you can select which fields users can search by.

Search by Radius

The plugin geocodes addresses and allows users to search by zip/postal code.

Select Sort Fields

If sorting is enabled, you can select which fields users are able to sort by.

Google Maps

Display users by location in a Google Map.

Author Pages

The plugin comes with a styled author template for displaying users.


This plugin supports user gravatars in the directory.

Back-end Features

Create Multiple Lists

You can create multiple lists with whatever users you like in each.

Customize Directory

Select which data you want displayed and in what order.

Add Users by Role

You can add all users to a list or you can add them by role.

Customize Author Page

You can select which fields you want displayed on author pages.

Choose Users

Easily add and remove users from lists.

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