Why have your videos stopped importing?

There are a number of reasons your videos might stop importing or never started importing in the first place. More often than not this is due to a conflict between your the plugin and some server setting.

Here are a few things to check:

  1. Is cURL installed and enabled? You can check the “Trouble Shooting” page of the plugin to see if cURL is ready to go.
  2. To what is your server’s max_execution_time set? If the max_execution_time is too low and the plugin is not able to set it to something higher, the import script might time out before it finishes. Check the “Trouble Shooting” page of the plugin to see if the max_execution_time can be changed.
  3. Some users have had issues with cURL and its ability to verify SSL certificates. We have taken precautions to prevent any issues. However, if you’re having issues it may make sense to turn off SSL verification just to see if it helps. To do this:
    • Open the plugin’s /class/curl.php file.
    • Uncomment (remove the slashes at the beginning of the line) lines 129 and 130.
    • Set both values of these lines to false.
    • They should look like so:
      • ‘SSL_VERIFYHOST’ => false,
        ‘SSL_VERIFYPEER’ => false,
  4. Sometimes the import process is interrupted and unable to finish. To begin importing again you’ll need to visit the “Reset” page of the plugin and click “Reset Import Field in the Database.” This field is set to tell the plugin an import is running so it doesn’t attempt to import twice at one time. It is reset once the import finishes. If the import doesn’t finish it doesn’t get reset until hours later and prevents any new imports from taking place.
  5. Are you importing from too many channels? Your server may not be able to handle how many channels from which you’re importing at one time. Please try reducing the number of channels to a single channel to verify the plugin is able to import at all. This will help determine if the error is because you’re asking your server to do too much or if there is any of the other issues mentioned.

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