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    Hello again,
    The Create New Topic form is displaying for me today so I’m happy to be able to start a new topic now.

    I am still having trouble getting the videos from my client’s channel to import. When I start the import, at first it says the channel(s) could not be found, then it reports that they were found and the import is complete. However, there are only 13 video posts (which were pre-existing from the free version) and no new ones, though there are 95 videos on his channel. Under the Troubleshooting tab, it reports that the server’s address could not be determined, but I have that set up in the Google API. The most recent video post was published 5/11/14, and after giving the plugin some time to import at least one, I do not see any new posts in the Video Posts category to which I assigned them…or anywhere else!

    Your server’s outbound IP address: Your IP address could not be determined.

    PHP’s “max_execution_time” setting: 30 seconds

    Is plugin able change “max_execution_time” for longer imports itself?: YES

    Is cURL installed and enabled?: YES

    So, my client has several playlists. When I enter the name and playlist ID of one with just 7 videos on it, configure settings and click to import, the plugin reports “This channel cannot be found. Google API error: ” With no details shown for the error type or reason. I set the memory to 52M for this import. What else do I need to do in order to get my client’s video posted on his website?

    Thanks, Hannah



    Are you using the latest version of the plugin?



    Can you provide a playlist with which you’re having issues?


    Hi, I bought the plugin to import videos from youtube but unfortunately in my wordpress backend does not appear the license key entry box. Why?

    I wait for your kind reply.

    Thomas Aspidi



    Thomas, do you have the FREE version installed? The PRO version is a completely different code set. You’ll need to log in to this site and download the PRO version, install it, deactivate the FREE version, and activate the PRO version.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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