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    I’ve uploaded the pro version of the plugin.

    I’ve got the activation key (API) key in there.

    Everything is ready to go and when I go to import the videos, I get an error.

    ”There seems to be an error. Aborting import.”

    Is this solely a server memory issue? Can someone please confirm that this is the issue?

    Currently, I’m unable to import our videos.

    Also, Channels and Playlists. I know where they are in Youtube but what identifies Channels and Playlists in Youtube?

    Are we to put just the name of the Channel so if I named our channel Drew Chung, just input Drew Chung as the Channel?

    And we have multiple playlists. Just put the name of the playlist that we want to import?


    I’m having issues with adding a new channel, playlist, or search term:

    Can someone give me an example of what constitutes a channel, playlist and search term?

    I continue to get this error…

    “This channel cannot be found. Google API error:”


    So our network administrator just informed me that our PHP already has a 256M memory limit set, which is 8 times the default setting. So this is not a server memory issue.

    Can an admin please chime in and help us through this set up?

    Thank you,




    Thank you for the reply.

    I have.



    Are you using the channel’s ID when setting up the channel?


    Continues to say… “This channel cannot be found.”

    This is our channel id: UCeEq5ASqDNzAyDfXIWPMCLA



    We were successfully able to add and import from this channel. Are you using version 5.1.4 of the plugin? If so, what do you have for the setting “Use this plugin’s SSL certificate authority bundle?”


    I am using 5.1.4. I just purchased it last night.

    I just checked Yes to Use this plugin SSL certificate authority bundle.


    I’m having an issue with setting up the parameters for Channels/Playlists.

    I imagine I have to set that up first then I can Import Videos.



    Correct. You have to set up the channel first before import. Did you put any restrictions on your Google API key?


    Not that I know of…I followed the instructions on how to obtain the google api key and did so.

    So everytime I try and set up a channel, it says “This channel cannot be found.”


    We have multiple playlists in our channel.

    We want to import one playlist into one category page.

    For example from our playlist ( …you’ll see Robin Milonakis Prospecting Classes. There are 2 videos in there.

    We want to import those 2 videos to our Prospecting Classes page.

    Currently, I manually coded that page but we want the plugin to automatically import those videos into that page.


    There was an error with the Google API key.

    I got rid of that error.

    Application restrictions…i chose IP address and put in my IP address

    There is no more error.


    It continues to say… “This channel cannot be found.”

    Please advise

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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