ternCal - calendaring plugin for WordPress ™

Provides both Calendar and Post List views!

  • The Ultimate WordPress ™ Event System

    The Ultimate WordPress ™ Event System

    Featuring repeating events, Google Calendar integration, ICAL and Outlook Support, month, week, and day views, WordPress ™ short code for listing events, a color coded legend and much much more…

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"Over the years we've tried multiple event systems for our site. ternCal is by far the easiest to use. It saves us so much time!"
Rich Fegley, Owner - The BrewWorks

Stop trying to force your WordPress ™ posts to be events...

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Let the pros take care of your events for you.

It's difficult to make WordPress ™ posts function like events. To assign dates you need to stuff them right into the post content. When the event has passed you need to log in and maanually remove the post. We can't even imagine how much work it's been for you all to create individual posts for each date of an event that repeats. ternCal makes your life easier. We've addressed all these issues and more, making event creation and management for your WordPress ™ site fun and easy.

Check out some of ternCal's features.

  • Event Creation Is Easy

    Event Creation Is Easy

    ternCal features an easy to use wizard for creating your events while maintaining WordPress ™’ post editing interface. Yes, adding an event is as easy as adding a post!

  • Repeating Events

    Repeating Events

    Repeat your events by day, week, month or year. Allow them to repeat forever, for a number of times or end on a specific date. We could go on about this feature but you’ll see.

  • Multiple Import Methods (Including Google Calendars!)

    Multiple Import Methods (Including Google Calendars!)

    Import events from any number of Google Calendars, Outlook, Apple iCal or any other calendar that exports to iCal/vCal format.

  • Full (Lightbox-like) Calendar Display

    Full (Lightbox-like) Calendar Display

    ternCal has an awesome AJAX calendar. The calendar opens much like a lightbox directly over any page your users are viewing.

  • Multiple Calendar Views

    Multiple Calendar Views

    ternCal offers month, week and day at-a-glance views which can be switched by your users on-the-fly.

  • Page Through Events, Months, Weeks and Days

    Page Through Events, Months, Weeks and Days

    Your users can easily page through months, weeks and days to find events in the past of in the future.

  • Customize Your Event Post Lists

    Customize Your Event Post Lists

    If you don’t want to use the built-in calendar you can display event posts lists. With ternCal’s short code configurater you can create many ways to display your events with a featured image, title, content, date and time information, location, and more.

  • SEO Friendly

    SEO Friendly

    ternCal uses AJAX to decrease your WordPress ™ site’s load time as well as allow a user to view the calendar without leaving the page they’re viewing. Though employing AJAX, your events are still listed inline on a page you specify so search engines can still gobble up all your event content.

  • Custom Color Coded Legend

    Custom Color Coded Legend

    Create your own custom colors for your legend so your users can easily see how your events are categorized. You get to choose the legend items and their colors!

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Easily create events and list them however you want!

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Compatible with the following technologies:

Requires: WordPress ™ 3.3+, PHP 5.1+, MySQL 5+ with permissions to create MySQL Functions.

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